We are enjoying watching our RWP supported living tenants grow their community garden, thanks to our support.

After our Progress Involvement Officer Alan spoke to tenants at Hebden Court in Scunthorpe about ways they could become involved in a community project, they submitted an application for our Community Support Grant.

They received £500 and started a community garden project aimed at getting tenants outside and make the most of their garden.  As well as bringing health benefits, it also provided a great place for tenants to get together socially.

The tenants also pitched their community garden project at the Soup Dragon's Den event last May and received another £200 towards their project.   

The tenants entered Progress in Bloom last summer and won Gold Prize for their garden.

They are now planning how they can use their community garden to provide a more sustainable lifestyle by creating a vegetable patch with a greenhouse.

Karen, one of the support team, said: “Since beginning our community garden project, I have seen many of our tenants thrive on the involvement it has allowed them in terms of simple planting activities and the watering of the flowers we've grown. They have enjoyed seeing the change in the grounds where they live.

The pagoda they share as a social space has also been transformed - a project that many of them have been able to get involved with. The tenants have enjoyed the consultation process and the conversations that have developed from this. They've always been happy to see Alan and to hear about ways in which Reside with Progress has been able to support our community to create the enjoyable space we have over the past few months.

I'd like to thank Alan and the Progress Involvement Team for the funding we've been awarded. We are incredibly grateful.”

Stephen, one of the tenants, has enjoyed being involved that he has now become a Garden Volunteer Inspector. This involves completing a check sheet when the garden contractor has been to do their garden.

Stephen said: "I like doing the forms as I want to make sure my garden is a great place for everyone."    

Alan, our Progress Involvement Officer said: "It has been a super journey with the tenants and support team. Having these conversations has helped tenants become more aware of the ways we can help and they have been involved in so much this year. I look forward to supporting group in the future."


  • The Community Support Grant is part of our Community Investment Fund and is available to groups and charitable organisations to develop projects which will benefit our tenants and communities in areas where Progress Housing Group has properties. 
  • If you are involved with a local community project, please let us know, as we may be able to help you through our Community Support Grant. To find out more, visit Community Investment Fund or email community@progressgroup.org.uk


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