We have been doing a lot to improve the energy efficiency of your homes.

We recently delivered a Tenant’s Talk session detailing details of our Carbon Literacy Training and Decarbonisation Plan.

Here is a round-up of what was discussed and an update on what we have been doing and our future plans.

We have three long-term goals

  1. All Group operations to achieve net-zero emissions by at least 2050
  2. All properties to reach a minimum energy performance certificate (EPC) rating of ‘C’ by at least 2030, where it meets the needs of the building and occupant and in a future-proof manner
  3. Carry out domestic energy assessments and develop a net zero plan on 100% of properties by 2028.

Our Decarbonisation Action Plan

  • Switching to a renewable provider is much less expensive than it once was and will reduce fossil fuel dependency
  • Retrofitting and insulation is more energy efficient
  • Double or triple glazing will reduce heat loss in the winter and reduce temperatures rising in the summer
  • By fitting EV (electric vehicle) charging points, we will be prepared for the government’s fossil fuel car sale ban in 2035
  • Smart meters help tenants understand their energy use and learn when energy is wasted or over-used.


What we have been doing already

  • Ashwood Court - new condensing gas boilers, heating controls in flats, and a solar power diverter which diverts energy from solar panels to heat the tenants’ water. The estimated annual gas saving is expected to be over 30%. Tenants are being trained how to use the controls.
  • Greenwood Court - a full plant room upgrade for the communal heating system. This involved replacing old gas boilers with high efficiency condensing gas boilers, installing energy efficient pumps, insulating pipework and installing new building management system (BMS) controls. This computer-based system controls and monitors the building’s heating and hot water system. It allows us to reduce energy usage and keep energy bills down.
  • We have seen a six-month gas kWh reduction of 27% from September 2022 - March 2023, so we are on target for 30% saving for the year.
  • Derby House - we have upgraded all lights to LEDs, with estimated energy savings of £10,000 per year and a simple payback of 2.6 years. This is an estimated saving on lighting costs of over 70%. Tenants are happy with the new system. Feedback has been that the lights have been a little sensitive, so we are looking into this.
  • Letters were sent to 400 tenants who were unable to claim the £400 energy discount on how they can now claim.
  • We are now looking at supported living properties as part of a five-year plan to reduce energy usage across all large energy-using properties by at least 15%
  • Pilot void scheme - increasing a low energy D-rated property with electrical storage heating to a more efficient A rating. We fitted an air source heat pump, and 4Kw solar PV array (heat pump and PV fitted with remote monitoring so performance can be checked). This work has reduced carbon emissions from 7 to 1.5 tonnes per year. We will work closely with the tenant when they move in to run through the heat pump operation and produce easy user guides.


Future work planned:


  • Ashwood Court and Charleston Court - full boiler room renewal and heating controls within the individual flats to reduce energy use and service charge bills.
  • Northbrook Gardens and Orchard Grange - retrofit Building Management Systems (BMS) Controls. 


  • Liggard Court - full boiler room renewal and heating controls within the individual flats to help reduce energy use and service charge bill.
  • Tuson House - retrofit BMS Controls to help reduce energy use and service charge bills.


  • Bolton Croft - full boiler room renewal and heating controls within the individual flats to help reduce energy use and service charge bills.


How can we help tenants with rising fuel costs?


Feedback from some of our tenants about the Keen to be Green presentation:

Julie: “It was a really good presentation.

“The work being done here is a plus for social housing because, as tenants, you don’t need to bother about having to pay for the energy efficiency measures such as solar panels or insulation, like private homeowners.”

Don: “The fact we can say that our landlord is doing this, is great.”


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