We like to take care of your green spaces and have been thinking of different ways to make these areas look nicer for you.

After chatting to tenants about wildflowers, our Caretaking Team sowed some seeds on Northbrook Road and in the Broadfield estate.

Tenants have told us they like the wildflowers, as it makes the area look attractive and ‘is good for the bees.’

One tenant said: “It’s been great watching all the different flowers coming out and there are hundreds of bees, which is fantastic.”

Another said: “I can’t believe how much colour it has brought. Progress Housing Group should do them all over.”

Another tenant said: “It’s nice to see Progress is going above and beyond to improve our community’s green spaces. Andrew, our caretaker, worked really hard planting it all. The colours are phenomenal.”

Rob Knowles, Caretaker Team Leader, said:  “We would like to do more areas in the coming years, as it makes the area look nice and it’s great for the bees.”

The wildflowers also form part of our Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

Jonathan Newton, Group Sustainability and Environment Manager, explained: “We have been looking at the environmental impact of our green spaces. We have developed a plan to support biodiversity which also benefits the wider community and our customers.

“This project showcases the important improvements we can make. By restoring flower-rich habitats in our communities, we are creating a vital refuge for bees, butterflies, birds, bats and bugs. This creates numerous environmental benefits and brings nature and our communities closer together.”                                      

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions for which green spaces to sow wildflowers? Let us know here: Contact us

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