LGBTQ+ visibility across the Group at all levels is so important to us, and it's part of our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Just one of the ways we show this is by providing rainbow lanyards for our colleagues to wear with their ID badges so that people know that Progress Housing Group is an inclusive organisation – and proud of it.

The visibility of wearing a rainbow lanyard in support of the LGBTQ+ community really can make a difference, as our HR Business Partner, Jayne, told us recently:

"I welcomed the opportunity to wear a rainbow lanyard, as I'd previously worn one as an LGBTQ+ ally in another organisation before I joined Progress. The very nature of them is for colleagues to know you are a genuine supporter and LGBTQ+ member or ally, and available to talk to at any time.

"When I started wearing mine at Progress last year, I was stopped by a colleague who noticed my lanyard and asked if they could talk to me about their child coming out as gay. They needed some emotional support and an independent ear. I believe this small act of being available to listen helped them. I could also guide them to our network group and signpost them to external resources and organisations for support."

- Jayne, HR Business Partner


Colleagues from across the Group share their reasons for wearing a rainbow lanyard:


"I wear mine to show support for the LGBTQ+ community and to promote diversity and inclusivity within the organisation. I'd hope that the more of us that wear them, alongside our other EDI activities within the Group, the more it'll show that we are an organisation that supports the LGBTQ+ community."

Cory, Progress Lifeline Project Leader



"I got my rainbow lanyard at our colleague summer social last year. 

"I like to wear it as in my role I go out and about on visits a lot and I want our tenants to know that I am inclusive to all. I also hope that any tenants I visit who may be struggling with their identity feel comfortable talking to me."

Jane, Income Collection Officer



"I mainly wear the rainbow lanyard to show solidarity with LGBTQ+ colleagues, tenants and partners we work with. It also sends a clear message to anyone who sees it that we are an inclusive organisation.

"I don't get to wear mine as much as I would like to as I often work from home, but when I see other people wearing it from other organisations, I feel it is a silent but powerful symbol."

Kulli, Supported Living Housing Manager



"I wear my rainbow lanyard with pride. Knowing that we are an inclusive organisation can generate conversation and put people at ease. When I wear it, I feel proud that Progress is a safe and welcoming place for LGBTQ+ people, colleagues and customers." 

Loraine, Director, Progress Lifeline


Read more about Progress Housing Group's commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion with our real stories of E,D and I action on our website:



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