We’re proud to be providing eco-friendly period products in our workspace bathrooms for our colleagues, helping to support period dignity at work.

Our Reward and Wellbeing Specialist and Wellbeing Champion, Catherine, tells us why it’s important for us to provide period products in the workplace:

Over the next few weeks we will be placing period products in our female toilets for those moments when, well quite frankly, we’ve been caught short.

I am sure many women will relate to those moments when you are at work, need a period product and realise there is nothing in your bag. There is then that mild panic of making an excuse to leave and find a shop, go home or ask around colleagues, which let’s face it can be a bit stressful and inconvenient.

So I am boldly saying: yes we’re women, we’re in the workplace and we have periods!

Let’s just take the embarrassment and awkwardness away!

A survey of 2,000 women by training provider DPG found that:

  • 74% feel as though they must hide any period products at work
  • 60% feel unable to discuss menstruation at all with their colleagues or managers, a trend which rises to 75% in more male-dominated workspaces
  • 57% of those suffering with cramps, endometriosis or migraines as a result of their menstruation cycle feel they have to lie to their managers about the reasons for sick days
  • 72% have no way of getting period products at work.

(Source: DPG Learn website)

Progress Housing Group wants to help erode the stigma and support period dignity at work.
So, if our colleages find themselves without a period product at work when they need one, they can now head to our bathrooms to find free eco-friendly products available.