The hot summer months can bring potential risks, so the fire service has this advice: 

  • Please keep objects like mirrors out of direct sunlight as it can concentrate the sun’s rays and cause nearby objects to set on fire. It is also important to keep aerosols and other flammable objects away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not use barbecues, chimineas, fire pits or any other form of open fire on a balcony.
  • Never store flammable materials on your balcony.
  • Never throw cigarettes off your balcony – they can cause a fire on someone else’s balcony. Use a suitable ashtray and dispose of the contents safely.
  • Do not store or use electrical items on your balconies.
  • Chip pan fires are the UK’s biggest cause of injuries from fire in the home. We would encourage you avoid using chip pans as heating oil to a high temperature or cooking food that releases a lot of fat can overheat and catch fire easily. If you deep fry foods at home, the fire service strongly recommends using an electronic deep-fat fryer with thermostatic control. These appliances have safety features that prevent the oil from getting too hot.


You can watch our fire safety video here: Fire safety | Progress Housing Group 

You can also request more fire safety information by calling us on 0333 320 4555.


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