The UK's telephone line system is changing.

The old technology that powers landline telephones in the UK will be switched off in 2025. Landline operators in the UK will switch every home phone in the UK to an internet-based connection instead of a traditional copper-wire landline.

What does it mean for independent living tenants?

If you have a telephone line coming into your property, the way in which your handset connects to the network will be changing. 

Rather than being plugged into a socket on the wall, you will receive a broadband router and your telephone will plug into the back of this instead.  All of your calls will now be carried over the internet, rather than the traditional analogue telephone network. 

It is important to note that in the event of a power cut, your telephone will no longer be able to make or receive calls until power is restored, so it would be a good idea to keep your phone fully charged just on case.

What happens next?

Your communication provider (who you pay your telephone landline bill to) will be in contact in the coming months to arrange the posting/engineer visit to supply you with your new router.

What does it mean for Progress Lifeline users?
The Lifeline units currently operate through a traditional analogue home telephone line.

As those telephone lines are slowly switched over to new digital lines, your existing Lifeline unit will be replaced with a newer digital equivalent so you can continue to benefit from our Progress Lifeline services. The equipment replacement may impact on the monthly rental prices. When appropriate, we will guide you through any necessary changes to your equipment or service charges.

What happens next?
These changes may affect the way the lifeline works and so it is important that you notify our alarm response centre of any changes made to your service by your telephone provider.

If your telephone is already plugged into a router then please ring 03333 202 670 to make us aware of the changes. It would be helpful if you also informed us of your telephone provider e.g. BT, Virgin.

Failure to notify Progress lifeline of changes to your telephone line may result in service failure for which we cannot take responsibility.


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