The Tenants' Voice – Improving Services group held its first scrutiny meeting of 2023 at the end of January, which was full of excitement for the year ahead.

Members reflected on the reviews they have previously conducted, agreeing that all seven recommendations from the complaints and feedback process have been completed.

The full review of our customer engagement activities carried out by the group was also signed off as complete.  As part of this, members concluded Progress Housing Group met all six areas of the National Housing Federations Together with Tenants Charter. All 18 recommendations made have now been implemented, helping to improve our approach to customer engagement.

The group has also reviewed the electrical testing process. This included reviewing the information provided to tenants to arrange and explain what is involved in the electrical safety test.

The group made nine recommendations, seven of which are complete, with two on track to be completed within the next few weeks.

Graham Coleman, Compliance Manager – Mechanical and Electrical, told us how the electrical service benefited from the review carried out by our volunteer tenants.

He said: "The scrutiny review came up with some good suggestions for the electrical testing programme, and off the back of this process, we have now made some improvements that should benefit our tenants. 

"We have added an electrical safety page to the website, which has started the ball rolling for other areas of compliance to be added.  This will allow our tenants to access important information about the checks required in their homes.

"We have also improved the booking process, especially around follow-on works after the initial inspection. This will help make the process much smoother for tenants and keep them informed at all times of what is happening."

Members also received an update on the out of hours repairs service, which was recently reviewed.  So far two of the six recommendations have been introduced.  The group will continue to receive updates on this review until all recommendations are complete.

The Tenants' Voice group is continuing its scrutiny review of customer safety which members hope to complete by the end March 2023.

The group also wants to promote the valuable scrutiny work of our volunteer tenants, showing the difference they make for all our tenants.

To view updates on the group's scrutiny activities, visit: Tenants' Voice - Improving Services (Our tenant-led scrutiny group) 


  • If you would like to suggest an area of review to our Tenants’ Voice group please do contact the Progress Involvement Team at, use our live web chat, or call 03333 204 555. We would love to hear from you.



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