Our Tenants' Voice – Improving Services group held its quarterly scrutiny meeting in October.

The involved tenants heard our plans about sending out quarterly surveys as part of the Regulator of Social Housing’s Tenant Satisfaction Measures. These are part of the new Customer Standards framework and will enable tenants to effectively scrutinise their landlord's performance. We will use these results to improve our services and increase satisfaction. The involved tenants discussed the fact this was a good way to make sure we are accountable and listen to feedback.

The Tenants’ Voice group also looked at the Tenant Annual Review, which includes performance information for tenant services from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023.  Tenants said they liked the look of the report, which was easy to read and provided good information

The meeting also received an update on the out of hours service review, with three recommendations ongoing. Thanks to the new telephony system, the abandonment rate has reduced from 35.7% to 19%. We are now looking at plans to extend the in-hours repairs period to 8am until 8pm.  This includes sessions with tenants to find out what they think would work well. We will also look at getting more survey responses from our RWP supported living tenants.

Seven recommendations from our community safety review have now been complete. This includes promoting the work of our Community Safety Team and how to report anti-social behaviour, a review of letter templates and updating information on our website. We are currently working on a process where community safety officers agree with tenants how and when they will provide feedback on their case.

The next area to be reviewed by the Tenants’ Voice – Improving Services group is how we communicate to our tenants.

The current review looking at the planned maintenance service is complete, with the report currently being finalised by tenants before they provide their findings to the service team in November.

  • The involved tenants were then invited to join colleagues at our Black History Month celebration lunch at Leyland House. They heard from Clinton Smith, from Preston Black History Group, about the many achievements of black men and women. They also enjoyed Caribbean food and learnt more about the culture and accomplishments of black people during a quiz.


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