It is always tempting to try your hand at some jobs around the house, as you may think it will save you some time and money. But, in many cases, it can be quite the opposite.

DIY repairs can cause you a higher cost in the long run and can you really be sure that you have done your best to comply with current regulations and that your electrics are safe?

Do-It-Yourself electrical repairs are one of the riskiest forms of home improvements. Avoiding calling an electrician may be a tempting prospect to save money but the results can be catastrophic.

Electrical Shock

Every year around 1,000 accidents involving burns or electric shock occur. Sadly each year approximately 30 of these accidents will be fatal.


The average year sees almost 8,000 electrical fires in the UK alone with these leading to nearly 4,000 injuries and more than 30 deaths.

So how can you prevent this happening to you?  

First, don’t do electrical work yourself!

Second, get a qualified and competent electrician to check and install your electrics.

It is not worth the risk to you, or your family.   


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