We apologise for the continued delay of our grass cutting programme.

Tenants who are affected will soon receive a letter with an update on the position regarding our grounds maintenance services being delivered to their area.

We recently reviewed how we deliver these services to you and as a result have entered into a new contract with a company called Nurture.

However, we are experiencing some delays in getting the new arrangements fully operational, for which we apologise.

We understand how frustrating this has been and so in recognition of this disruption, we will be making an adjustment to reduce the service charge for Grounds Maintenance in the next financial year (2024/25).

We will notify affected tenants of the reduction details when we write to inform them of the services charges in February 2024.

Please be assured that we are working closely with Nuture to find ways to accelerate the delivery of these services and hope to be able to catch up on the delivery of the programme over the coming weeks.

We will be sharing an updated schedule and keep you informed of any progress as soon as we have it.

We are confident that going forward, we will be able to deliver an excellent service once we have overcome these initial set-up difficulties and we thank you for continued patience.


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