Hear from Craig, our Technical Services Officer, who has been with the Group for three years, working in the Digital Services Team. 

We recently caught up with Craig to find out more about his career journey with us so far.


Hi Craig, how did your career at Progress Housing Group begin?

During the Covid-19 lockdown I was on furlough leave from my employer at the time, a family IT company. I was having a brew at my mum's when a Progress Lifeline van rolled up and an installer arrived to check her equipment. I googled the company whilst having a chat to the installer and found a vacancy advertised for an IT Technician with Progress Housing Group! The rest is history...

What made you want to get into technical services as a career?
In all honesty it was the fact I really enjoyed IT at school (including playing Chuckie Egg!), it seemed like a brilliant career path at the time!

What do you find rewarding about it?
Helping and getting to know everyone. From Jacqui, our CEO, to everyone across the whole Group, I enjoy resolving issues for people who are often under intense pressure themselves.

Can you tell us about any career progression and learning and development you've received at the Group? On the Service Desk we are a reactive service, so quite often we find ourselves in situations that are unchartered. Alot of our training is on-the-job in a high pressure environment – every day brings new challenges and learning opportunities!

What does an average week look like for you and your team?
Calls are prioritised and divided between the team with our days allocated as ‘on-call’ or‘worktray’ days, however this is very fluid and often there’s crossover between the two.

What are the challenges and opportunities in your role currently?
Opportunities: Continued cyber security awareness and education. Challenges: the IT Service Desk is incredibly busy but rewarding.

What would you recommend about working for the Group?
Definitely the Group goals and ethos. At the end of the day, we are helping people. Having had my mum recently pass away, it made me reflect on the work the Group does in this area to help people – it's such a good thing to help elderly people who may not have family to rely on.

What makes you most proud about working for Progress?
Same answer as above, plus knowing that I am doing my best to contribute.


Famously Proud to be Progress

Our teams come from a variety of backgrounds bringing a wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences to the Group, and we've got one thing in common - we are immensely proud and passionate about changing lives.

Every day our team of almost 900 colleagues rise to the challenge of delivering high-quality homes and related services that make a real difference in our communities and to the people who live in them.

As one team, we work together and empower and support each other, to ensure we do everything we can to make a positive difference.

Thanks to Craig for sharing his career journey with us so far.


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