In November 2023, the government declared its readiness to engage in a devolution agreement with Lancashire County Council, Blackburn with Darwen Council, and Blackpool Council.

Following this announcement, each council formally reviewed the initial proposal and unanimously voted to proceed with a consultation.

The devolution plan hinges on the results of this consultation and is still pending formal approval from the central government.

If ultimately approved, the agreement will facilitate the transfer of both funds and authority from the central government to a newly established Combined County Authority, empowering it to address crucial local priorities.

Importantly, the proposed deal does not necessitate alterations to the existing democratic structures throughout the county, nor does it call for the election of a Mayor.

Furthermore, it will not lead to an increase in Council Tax. In fact, there is no provision for adding the cost of the Combined County Authority onto bills.

The agreement will build upon the ongoing efforts outlined in the Lancashire 2050 framework. Spearheaded by Lancashire's 15 councils but inclusive of all stakeholders invested in the county's success, Lancashire 2050 outlines collaborative areas to foster the county's prosperity by capitalizing on opportunities larger than any single institution.

Ultimately, the final agreement will require local approval, with the unanimous consent of the three constituent councils and parliamentary endorsement.

The consultation will run until 26 January 2024. Anyone who lives or works in Lancashire, as well as businesses and other interested parties can give their feedback

For additional information on Lancashire devolution, and to participate in the consultation, please visit the provided links:

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