We are in an age where more and more services are accessed on line, whether that is booking a holiday, applying for benefits or contacting the company who supplies your electricity. 

Whilst many people are comfortable with this, we know that some of our customers do not have a lot of experience of being on line, and are not confident to work in this way.

We have therefore set up a small group of tenants as our “Progress Champions”.  The Progress Champions are confident users of the internet and are happy to support individuals to open up the wonders of the world wide web, how to use a tablet, laptop or smartphone. 

If you would like to access this free service please contact the  Progress Opportunities Team and they will make arrangements for you to meet one of the Progress Champions either at one of our offices, community centres or in a local library.

In addition to this, we hold regular Digital Drop-ins in our community centres.  This provides a chance for you to pop in to ask a Progress Champion for advice, have a chat with others with a drink.  Again, these are free events so look out for the details on our events page or contact the Progress Opportunities Team to find out where your local Digi Drop in is taking place.