With the gardening and property maintenance taken care of, our independent living schemes will give you the freedom to enjoy your retirement without the worry of maintaining your own home.

Make your move to independent living and enjoy:

  • A self-contained home that offers independence with peace of mind
  • A home designed explicitly with your security, safety and comfort in mind
  • Reassurance from a 24-hour emergency personal alarm
  • Attractive and convenient locations across South Ribble and Fylde
  • Organised social and relaxation activities
  • Visitor parking - your friends and family can visit you at any time

Communal facilities vary from scheme to scheme but will include some or all of the following:

  • Shared lounge - for tenants and guests to meet and talk, as well as a place to gather for social activities
  • Laundry washing and drying facilities - available at most independent living schemes
  • Short-term guest accommodation for overnight guests

We also provide several Extra Care Schemes that offer additional support from care providers based on site, who can provide personal care as and when required.

For more information, any questions or for help applying, please contact us.

As a social landlord, we are committed to providing high-quality housing at an affordable cost.

In addition to your rent, you will also pay a support charge, which covers the costs of your independent living coordinator and alarm system, and a service charge, which includes the maintenance of communal facilities and services.

Your household running costs – things like your Council Tax, TV Licence, utility bills, window cleaning, phone line and home contents insurance – are not covered by our rent or service charge, and you will need to continue to budget for these.

Rent, support charges and service charges are all eligible for Housing Benefit if you meet the qualifying criteria, and you can pay your rent and charges either monthly or weekly.

The rent we charge varies from location to location, so if you are interested in a specific scheme, please contact us.

Please contact us and we will be happy to guide you through the application process.

All residents moving into our independent living schemes receive a minimum of two contacts from us each week, but some do receive more.

A contact means either a visit to your home or a call on your intercom.

In addition to the support services provided by your independent living coordinator and your emergency alarm, most schemes also offer a library, visiting chiropodist, visiting hairdresser and computers for tenants to use.

All of our properties benefit from an intercom and emergency alarm system and a full property maintenance and repairs service.

Every independent living scheme has a independent living coordinator oordinator who works there Monday to Friday each week.

The manager is on-site to ensure the safety and wellbeing of tenants and provide a link with doctors, families, friends and any other support services needed.

The alarm system in our schemes is run by our Progress Lifeline service.

Every independent living home has an alarm system that provides a link between tenants and their scheme manager, by means of an intercom.

It also links to our Progress Connect Control Centre in Leyland, which is staffed 24 hours a day, providing support whenever needed.

In an emergency, you will be able to summon help by pulling one of the emergency alarm cords in your home.

Our Control Centre will then speak directly to you and send the appropriate help if required.

Progress Lifeline also provides a range of additional services, and more details are available on their website. 

You can find out more by clicking here or by contacting us.

Communal facilities vary from scheme to scheme but will include some or all of the following:

  • Lounge - for tenants and guests to meet and talk, as well as a place to gather for social activities
  • Kitchen - a communal facility for all residents, in addition to the kitchen inside your home
  • Laundry - washing and drying facilities are available at most independent living schemes
  • Guest bedroom - we provide short-term accommodation for overnight guests. Priority will be given to the guests caring for a tenant who is unwell, and there is a small charge for using this facility.

Our schemes provide parking for residents.

One of the main advantages of a home in an independent living scheme is that it offers you the opportunity to socialise with like-minded people, should you wish.

Most of our schemes have communal lounges for social events and for you to enjoy the company of your neighbours and visitors.

Organised social activities can be arranged and funded by residents with advice and support from the independent living coordinator or our activities coordinator. Our activities coordinator works across our independent living schemes providing opportunities for tenants to take part in things like theatre trips or days out.

We are here to support you from day one, to help you live independently and comfortably in your own home. When you move in, your independent living coordinator will visit you to talk about life there.

They will:

  • Show you around the communal facilities
  • Give you practical information about your new home
  • Explain more about the services you can expect to receive
  • Complete a support plan and personal record form with you
  • Explain what to do in the event of a fire or other emergency
  • Demonstrate how your emergency alarm system works
  • Let you know about the social activities available
  • Provide information on local services and amenities
  • Discuss the security of the development and your safety.

We understand how important the companionship of a pet can be, and all of our schemes welcome small pets such as caged birds and fish.

Dogs and cats are also welcome in properties that have front doors opening on to the street but unfortunately we cannot accept them in flats with communal corridors.

The cost of maintaining your home is included in your service charge. We employ our property services team to look after things like your plumbing, heating, electrics and external decoration.

We will also repair most accidental damage or wear and tear to your home, subject to certain exclusions including your interior decoration.

An annual gas safety check is also undertaken at every property. These checks are compulsory check to ensure your safety.

Yes – we want you to feel comfortable in your new home, and an important part of this is putting your own touches to it, and that includes decorating it how you wish. If you would like to make any significant or permanent improvements to your property, you will need to speak to your independent living coordinator first.

The replacement of carpets, soft furnishings and decoration are not included in your rent and service charges.

We advise tenants to discuss the storage of electric scooters and other mobility aids before moving in. For safety reasons, electric scooters cannot be charged or stored in communal areas and must be kept inside your property when not in use.