Thank you to all those tenants, advocates, support providers and colleagues who recently responded to our survey, providing your views on the Regulator of Social Housing's national consultation with landlords and tenants on the proposed tenant satisfaction measures.

Read the original article here: Have your say on a nationwide tenant consultation | Progress Housing Group (

We received a great response as well as some interactive sessions with tenants to discuss the questions being proposed and measures used to report on the performance of all social landlords. We have now submitted our response, including the comments received from you.

In summary, you felt that:

  • The questions that are proposed generally seem sensible and will provide a rounded picture of how landlords are performing
  • All five themes are important to tenants
  • Questions need to be kept simple, relevant to the tenant and timely
  • Annually would be a good frequency as long as the questions were clear and kept to a reasonable number
  • Some questions need simplifying and further definition for example how do you define neighbourhood or communal area, this could mean different things to different people
  • There is a difference between perception and actual experience, which is important to establish in the questions
  • The indicators proposed will help keep landlords accountable

What's next?

The national consultation has now closed.

The Regulator will spend the next few months reviewing all of the comments they have received. The outcome of the consultation will be published in the summer.

Between autumn and spring, landlords will have the time to set up systems to implement the requirements. From April 2023 to March 2024, we will start surveying tenants on the new Tenant Satisfaction Measures.