1. Answer 86% of phone calls to our main phone numbers within 20 seconds
  2. Reply to letters and emails within five working days (Monday to Friday)
  3. Respond to you in your chosen communication method within ten working days of you making a complaint or respond to you and give you a timescale for us to reply in full if we can’t deal with a complaint within ten working days
  4. Carry out aids and adaptations in line with targets and timescales set out in our Aids and Adaptations policy.
  5. Deal with applications in line with relevant timescales detailed within individual Choice Based Lettings schemes (Not applicable to Supported Living Accommodation)
  6. Ensure our properties meet our lettable standards and invite trained tenants to inspect empty properties against these standards
  7. Tell you whether your home is included in a major repairs or improvement programme at least four weeks before the work is due to start and visit you at least two weeks before works are due to commence to offer you a choice on fixtures and fittings e.g. kitchen units, work surfaces, tiles and flooring and take into account individual needs, for example, we will install lever taps if the tenant would have difficult using ordinary taps
  8. Carry out repairs in line with targets and timescales in line with our Repairs policy and in your tenant handbook offering you an appointment (except where it is an emergency repair) and aiming to complete it on a ‘right first time basis’
  9. Hold a database of tenants wishing to swap (we call this carrying out a mutual exchange) and give you a decision on any request to swap within 42 days (Not applicable to Supported Living Accommodation)
  10. Carry out a post tenancy visit within six weeks of your tenancy starting (Not applicable to Supported Living Accommodation)
  11. Visit each Supported Living Scheme scheme at least annually (Supported Living only)
  12. Have a written plan for each area showing all the things we are doing to help improve the area (we call this a ‘Place Management Strategy’) and consult with you on, and have in place estate standards for each area, covering grounds maintenance and other issues
  13. Annually review all resident support plans and records including personal and next of kin details for Independent Living tenants
  14. Complete a weekly inspection of Independent Living scheme communal areas
  15. Set up an initial support meeting for Short-term Supported Accommodation customers within two working days and agree a Support Plan within seven days
  16. Comply with the Telecare Services Association Code of Practice.
  17. Engage with customers as set out in our Community Involvement Strategy and publicise the impact of involvement on our website
  18. Follow an arrears process as set out in our Income Collection Policy and provide support as set out in our Financial Inclusion Policy
  19. Respond to all reports of Anti Social Behaviour in line with targets and timescales set out in our Anti Social Behaviour Policy
  20. Produce an annual report on our performance against these standards, referring any non-compliance with the standards and agree improvement plans and actions to address this to the scrutiny pool
  21. Produce an annual value for money self assessment and publish this on our website