Service Standard Why is this important?
1 The call ‘abandon rate’ should be no more than 6%. This is the percentage of inbound phone calls made to Progress Connect which are abandoned by the customer before speaking to a staff member. It is calculated as abandoned calls divided by total inbound calls (as a percentage). This is an industry standard and recognises the importance of responding to all calls in a timely way to reduce call waiting times.
2 All email and web enquiries to Progress Connect are responded to within two working days. More customers are choosing to contact Progress Housing Group via email and the internet. Customers expect that emails/web enquiries are responded to quickly.
3 Respond to complaints in line with the complaints and feedback policy Early resolution complaints will be responded to within 5 working days Formal complaints will be responded to within 10 working days. The target date for responding will be included in correspondence. It is important that customers who submit a complaint or any type of feedback know when they can expect a response to their feedback.
4 Carry out aids and adaptations in line with targets and timescales set out in our Aids and Adaptations policy. Aids and adaptations can help tenants to remain independent in their homes and support health and wellbeing.
5 Housing applications will be processed within ten working days (not applicable to Supported Housing/Supported Living) This standard ensures that housing applications are dealt with in a timely manner and links to Progress Housing Group's aim to improve void re-let times.
6 Ensure our properties meet our lettable standards and invite trained tenants to inspect empty properties against these standards This standard allows Progress Housing Group to ensure that properties meet an acceptable standard and links in with Progress Housing Group's aim to improve void re-let times.
7 Complete 100% of the component replacement programme budgeted for in any financial year. This standard ensures that improvements to properties are delivered in line with Progress Housing Group's business plan and ensures our properties continue to meet our customers’ expectations.
8 Carry out repairs in line with targets and timescales in line with our Repairs policy and in your tenant handbook offering you an appointment (except where it is an emergency repair) and aiming to complete it on a ‘right first time basis’ Reporting repairs is the main reason why most tenants make contact with PHG.  How we deal with these repairs drives customer satisfaction.
9 Carry out a post tenancy visit within six weeks of your tenancy starting (Not applicable to Supported Living Accommodation) This visit enables any issues to be picked up early on in the tenancy.
10 Visit each Supported Living scheme at least annually (Supported Living only) This visit allows Progress Housing Group to ensure properties are safe and well managed and any changes in customer needs are identified.
11 Have a written plan for each area showing all the things we are doing to help improve the area (we call this a ‘Place Management Strategy’) and consult with you on, and have in place estate standards for each area, covering grounds maintenance and other issues. Having a place management strategy in place helps to ensure effective neighbourhood management.
12 Set up an initial support meeting for Short-term Supported Accommodation  (The Bridge, Foundations, Clare House and Fylde Interim accommodation) customers within two working days and agree a Support Plan within five days. The support plan helps to ensure tenants receive the support they need to live independently and are able to access services they need.
13 Engage with customers as set out in our Community Involvement Strategy and publicise the impact of involvement on our website. Community engagement activity is reported quarterly to Executive Board. Scrutiny Pool information is regularly publicised and the tenant’s annual report reports on the impact of tenant involvement.
14 Deliver services in line with the Income Collection Policy and meet performance targets whilst providing support to tenants where appropriate. An annual performance report is presented to Board and quarterly updates provided on progress throughout the year. Support is provided to tenants in line with the Financial inclusion policy and reported as part of the above report, as well as updates on Welfare reform and the impact on tenants.
15 Respond to all reports of Anti-Social Behaviour in line with targets and timescales set out in our Anti-Social Behaviour Policy   PHG respond to all reports of ASB and report annually on performance in line with the Antisocial Behaviour Strategy.
16   Produce an annual report on our performance against these standards, referring any non-compliance with the standards and agree improvement plans and actions to address this to the scrutiny pool.   Performance against each of these standards is reported in various reports across the Group but a consolidated report and improvement plan specific to these standards will be produced on an annual basis.
17 Produce an annual value for money position statement and publish this on our website The annual value for money position statement is published following Progress Housing Group's AGM in September each year.


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