Find out what benefits and financial support you may be able to get

Check what benefits and financial support you can get here: - Benefits support checker

Find out what cost of living support you could get through the Cost of Living Payments 2023 to 2024 - GOV.UK (


Benefits and entitlements rose by 10.1% from April 2023:

  • Housing Benefit
  • Income-Related ESA
  • Income Support
  • Income-Based JSA
  • Tax Credits (some exceptions)
  • Universal Credit (some exceptions)
  • Disability benefits
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Statutory payments for employees
  • Child Benefit
  • Guardian’s Allowance
  • State Pension
  • Pension Credit
  • Benefit cap

Check if you’re eligible for Universal Credit

If you’re on low income, out of work or cannot work you may be eligible for Universal Credit. The government has made changes to allow working families to keep more of their money.

Check if you’re eligible for Universal Credit 

If you claim benefits or tax credits, you will soon move to Universal Credit (UC) under new government changes.

  • Universal Credit and other cost of living and disability benefits will increase by 6.7% from April 2024


Claim Marriage Allowance

Marriage Allowance allows you to transfer 10% (£1,260) of your personal tax allowance to your husband, wife or civil partner if you earn less than the personal tax allowance, which is usually £12,570.

Find out about Marriage Allowance

Extra money available for carers

You could get £69.70 a week if you care for someone for at least 35 hours a week and they get certain benefits. You do not have to be related to, or live with, the person you care for.

Check if you’re eligible for the Carer’s Allowance


Pension Credit for those on low income

You could get extra money to help with your living costs if you’re over State Pension age and on a low income: even if you have savings or own your own home.

Check if you’re eligible for Pension Credit

Get help with savings if you’re on a low income (Help to Save)

Help to Save is a savings account. If you’re entitled to Working Tax Credit or you’re receiving Universal Credit, you can get a bonus of 50p for every £1 you save over 4 years.

Find out about Help to Save

Child Trust Funds

A Child Trust Fund is a long-term tax-free savings account for children born between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011.

For those who hold an account but do not know the Child Trust Fund provider, or if you’re unsure whether you have one or not, we can help you find out.

Find a Child Trust Fund

Get help if you cannot pay your tax bill

Contact HMRC as soon as possible if you cannot pay your tax bill. We’re here to help, and you may be able to pay what you owe in instalments, depending on your circumstances and what you can afford.

Find out what to do if you cannot pay your tax bill on time



Citizens Advice - Help to claim service

Citizens Advice Help to Claim advisers can help you with the early stages of your Universal Credit claim. You can talk to them on the phone, or online over chat.

Their advisers can help you:

  • work out if you can get Universal Credit

  • fill in the Universal Credit application 

  • prepare for your first Jobcentre appointment 

  • check your first payment is correct 

Find out more here from Citizens Advice (third party site).


Changes following the Autumn Statement 2023:

National Insurance

The rate of National Insurance you pay on earnings of between £12,570 and £50,270 a year will be cut from 12% to 10% from 6 January 2024.

Increasing your pay

National minimum wage will rise from £10.42 per hour to £11.44 per hour for employees age 21 and over from April 2024 

Check your pay

State Pension

State Pension will increase by 8.5% from April 2024. This means a weekly increase of up to £17.35.

Universal Credit

Universal Credit and other cost of living and disability benefits will increase by 6.7% from April 2024



  • If you need any help or support with any of these claims, please get in touch with our Tenant Sustainability Team on 0333 320 4555.