If you are struggling to pay your rent or finding yourself in debt then you should contact us without delay by live chat or on 0333 320 4555. There is a lot of support and advice we can offer to help you pay your rent on time and to clear your rent arrears or debt and remain in your home.

Struggling with your rent

We collect rent from our tenants to pay for the homes and services we provide, so it is important that you pay it on time to avoid going into arrears.

If you start to fall into rent arrears then please contact us immediately so we can help. We will work with you to agree a way of clearing the debt within a reasonable time. The speed at which arrears are cleared depends on your ability to pay.

Are you in debt?

Whatever your money troubles, it is really important that you don’t ignore them; debt won’t go away. Our Tenancy Sustainability Team offers free and confidential advice to help you with your money matters. They can help with:

  • Claiming benefits
  • Reducing energy bills and saving money
  • Budgeting.

They can also give you the details of other organisations that may be able to help and support you. 

If you need additional information from trusted local services about a wide range of local health and community services, please check with your local council.