One of the most important things when you are considering moving house is knowing whether you will be able to afford the rent, bills and other living costs.

In this section you will find all the tools you need to work out what your monthly expenditure might be, how to balance your income and outgoings and whether you will be able to afford to move home.

The budgeting aspect of this section is also useful for people who want to take better control of their spending.

If you need additional information from trusted local services about a wide range of local health and community services, please check with your local council.

Council tax

Find out how much your council tax will be

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Costs of running a home

Find out how much your bills are likely to be

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Financial health check

Fill in our budget calculator - great for finding out if you can afford to move home or to save money

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Help claiming benefits

Are you claiming all you're entitled to?

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