We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the services that we provide. Some of our initiatives include:

Environmental Working Party 

Our environmental working party has been brought together to oversee the development and embedding of our Environmental Strategy and action plan to support our journey towards net carbon zero and we have recently recruited a Group Sustainability and Environmental Manager to drive forward our work in this area.

Environmental Strategy

We are working with a specialist consultant Adecoe to develop our approach to meeting all of the environmental targets for our customers' homes, all Group-owned premises including our offices, community centres, and vehicles, and all activities. 

We  are also meeting regularly with South Ribble Borough Council (SRBC) to maximise opportunities to achieve their aim of making South Ribble carbon neutral by 2030 and will be working to develop relationships with local authorities in all of the areas in which we operate to support their sustainability and environmental targets.

Direct Works Forum (DWF) – Retrofit Group

We are active members of the DWF Retrofit Group looking at retrofitting and how registered providers and Local Authorities can work together to maximise value for money in any retrofit and/or pilots carried out.

We are looking to get involved in shared retrofit pilots where we will make a small contribution towards the cost of retrofit works in return for specifications, procurement documentation, and outcome reports.

The group is also working on developing a shared national database of environmental/retrofit materials. The register will include details of all materials available and provide members feedback on suitability, cost, issues, benefits, user reference sites, etc.

Working with other housing providers to ensure that we learn and share experiences is a positive outcome of these challenging targets and will continue to develop.

Zero carbon club

With decarbonisation at the heart of the social housing sector's agenda, more than 30 leading social landlords have joined forces to create the Zero Carbon Club. The group represents over half a million homes across the UK and a combined turnover of £3.1 billion.

Contract Management Standard

The Group is committed to implementing a Contract Management Standard that provides guidance and support for contract management processes for all Group business areas; this includes how we work with our suppliers on reducing their environmental impact on our customers during the lifetime of any contract agreement.

This is to be achieved by requesting our suppliers complete an impact plan including any initiatives their business is implementing or will do during the contract term. This agreed Impact Plan will form part of the Contract and will be monitored as part of the ongoing management of the supplier