To qualify for accommodation at Foundations/Inn2 you are obliged to:

  • Attend your support meeting every week. This is your time to discuss any issues you might have
  • Go to house meetings regularly to share your views
  • Engage with outside agencies. This means keeping up your support plans
  • Follow the house rules.

House rules

The rules help to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for everyone. If you know something is against the law or could cause someone discomfort or be a nuisance then please don't do it.

Any criminal behaviour carried out on the scheme by a tenant or guest will result in the police being called and your notice being served.

Our definition of loud noise is if music, television or talking can be heard outside of your flat when your door and windows are closed.

To live at the scheme you must engage with the support that is offered. Failure to engage will result in your tenancy being terminated.

You are not allowed to bring alcohol onto the premises. Disruptive behaviour caused by excessive alcohol consumption at the scheme will not be tolerated. This applies to your visitors too.

There is a zero tolerance policy on drugs, including 'legal highs'. Anybody found with drugs risks losing their tenancy.

Smoking is only allowed in your flat; not in any of the communal areas.

If you intend to stay out overnight then you must tell a member of staff. All tenants should be back by 1am. Returning after 1am will be classified as a night out.

You must not stay away from the scheme for more than three nights a week.

Friends are not allowed to visit the scheme when the tenant is not present and no overnight guests are allowed.

You are responsible for keeping your flat clean and tidy and reporting any repairs, which you can do by clicking here.

You need to get a TV licence if you have a TV in your flat.

Bullying (physical, verbal or cyber) will not be tolerated. Staff and residents deserve to be treated with respect. To report abusive behaviour or to find out more please click here.

What happens if I break the rules?

Certain types of behaviour like taking drugs or threatening another tenant will result in you having to leave immediately.

In other cases we will try to deal with anyu issues informally.

However, if problems become serious or they continue to persist then you may get official warnings as follows:

  • verbal warning from your project worker and the date and reason for the warning
  • written warning from your project worker outlining the problem and the number of times you have been spoken to about this problem
  • final written warning from one of the managers which will outline what will happen next if the problem continues
  • Notice to Quit (NTQ) - this letter will include the reason for the decision, how you can appeal and also the date you are asked to leave the property by. If this happens you can still get support from your Project Worker who will signpost you to where to go for advice and further support.

All warnings are recorded on your case file. Staff are obliged to inform the council of all official warnings on a weekly basis.