For you to get the most out of the service, it is important that you use it within the guidelines agreed with your support worker.

If you do not use the service within the guidelines agreed, your support could be temporarily or permanently stopped.

Situations in which we may have no choice but to withdraw support include:

  • Making your support worker feel unsafe
  • Refusing to work towards a goal in your support plan
  • Deliberately misusing the service
  • Missing appointments or meetings
  • Repeatedly cancelling appointments or meetings to avoid contact with your support worker.

We believe that all our staff and service users have the right to a safe and healthy work environment.

It is important that our staff and anyone who uses our service feels that they are not at risk from violent or threatening behaviour.

At your first meeting your support worker will complete a risk assessment with you.

Your relationship with your support worker is one based on mutual respect and trust.

As such there are a number of situations in which your support worker may have to temporarily or permanently stop support.

These could include:

  • If you use threatening, intimidating or aggressive behaviour towards your support worker
  • If you physically or verbally abuse your support worker
  • If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If any of the above happens, or at any point your support worker feels unsafe, they will leave. They may rearrange another appointment with you or may withdraw support completely.

We understand that missing an appointment due to an unexpected event or emergency is sometimes unavoidable.

However, it is important that if you wish to continue receiving support that you attend or that you contact us to cancel your appointment with as much notice as reasonably possible, or that you contact your support worker to rearrange for a more suitable time.

We take missed appointments very seriously as they affect not only your own benefit from the service but also the other people who are using the service. Therefore, we follow a set procedure in the event of repeated missed appointments, which is as follows:

1st missed support meeting

Follow up contact to rearrange.

2nd missed support meeting

Written request for you to contact us. We may contact other agencies.

3rd missed support meeting

We will consider withdrawing support and ending your tenancy.