A support plan can help you to decide what your goals are, who will help you to achieve these and who to contact if you have any difficulties or need advice.

Every person that is accepted by the service works with his or her support worker to agree a support plan.

At your first meeting we will discuss with you the support that you need and the different services that we can offer you. At this meeting or shortly afterwards, we will agree your support plan with you. We may also involve your referrer and any other relevant support workers in helping to agree with you the best way forward. 

Your support worker will usually formally review your support plan every six weeks to develop or change your goals if necessary.

You will also have formal meetings with your support worker on a weekly basis. This is your opportunity to discuss any concerns that you have about your progress or the support you are receiving at any of these meetings.

You can request a support meeting at anytime during your stay at foundations. 

It is a tenancy condition that you engage with your support worker and support meetings.

Find out how to stick to your support plan to get the most out of your time here.