Our aim is to provide each resident with a safe place to live where they can resolve any issues they might have and decide on their future plans. 

Whatever decision you make will be respected and supported; whether this involves returning home or going on to be rehoused.

Returning home

Should you decide to return home after your stay with this will not stop you from using our service again as long as it is safe for you to do so. 

If it were not safe for you to do so, for instance your partner knew the location of our refuges, we would assist in finding an alternative for you.


If you decide that you wish to set up a new home then we can assist in helping you applying to be rehoused and finding you furniture.

We have two resettlement workers who can help you with starting up a home. They will also offer regular support once you have moved on.

Returning your keys

When you leave please: 

  • Hand in your swipe car and keys
  • Leave your suite in a clean and tidy condition
  • Wash, dry a nd return all bedding provided
  • Pay any outstanding rent charges
  • Return any hired items
  • Take care that you do not mistakenly pack any items that belong to the house. Unfortunately we do not have the funds to replace items and it will mean that women moving in after you will have less equipment available.

Helpline support

Please don't hesitate to contact our domestic abuse helpline if you ever need help, advice or support on 01772 435865.