There are two charges made to you whilst you live at the refuge. There is your rent and a service charge.

You can claim benefits to cover the cost of your rent but this is based on how much money you have coming in each week. If you are working then benefits may not cover the full cost of your rent.

In this section you can pay your rent and personal charge and find out what to do if you are struggling with your payments.

Pay your rent online

It is easy and convenient to pay your rent and service charges safely and securely online.

You don't need to sign up for a tenant account or log in to make a payment; all you need is a reference number.

For rent payments, your reference number is your tenancy number which is on your rent statement. For all other payments, please use the number referred to on the invoice or in our correspondence.

  • Rent and/or Service Charge payments – nine digit tenancy code beginning with a four or five
  • Sundry payments – 8 digit customer code, for example 12/000000

If you do not have a reference number please contact Progress Connect on 03333 204555 (telephone lines are open between 8am and 6pm).



How can I pay my rent?

There are a number of ways in which you can pay rent. Please click here to find out about the various payment methods.

When do I pay rent?

Rent and any other service charges are due in advance on the Monday of each week. 

What is the service charge?

This is to cover electricity and water bills.

Problems paying your rent

We collect rent from our tenants to pay for the homes and the services we provide, so it is important that you pay it on time to avoid going into arrears.

Keep out of arrears by:

  • Keeping your housing benefit claim up-to-date
  • Paying your personal charge promptly
  • Telling us if you are having problems.

There is a lot of support and advice we can offer you to help you clear your rent arrears.

If you are struggling to pay your rent then please speak to your Support Worker. If things get too bad then we may have to take legal action.

Claiming benefits

You will need to fill in a benefit form with your support worker within five days of moving in.

While you are receiving benefits, if your income or any other circumstances change you need to let your support worker know immediately. This is very important because failure to do so could end up with you owing rent.