Your time with us is as much about giving you a safe place to live as it as about tackling any issues that you have and getting you back on your feet.


If you wish to see a counsellor to discuss any issues then please ask a member of staff.

We can access a counselling service set up specifically for women who have suffered from domestic violence.

This does not mean that they will only talk about domestic violence issues – they will discuss anything that you want to discuss – it just means that they are trained and aware of domestic violence issues.

Keyworker sessions

When you first move in with us you will be given a keyworker. They will arrange a keyworking session with you.

Keyworking sessions are held on a weekly basis or at your request, and they enable you and a member of staff to have structured time together to look at personal issues.

Together with your keyworker your needs and risks can be assessed and a support plan can be created and put into action.

If you need to speak to your keyworker then please just ask.

Safeguarding from abuse

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and is about services working together to lower the potential for the abuse of adults and children.

Abuse is when harm is caused, a person’s rights violated or when harm isn’t stopped.

Our staff are trained to listen to concerns about safeguarding and will support you to link in with services that can help. All our staff have been Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked and are trained and supervised.

Their work is also checked by the service manager so you know that they are working effectively with you and can help you to recognise and respond to abuse.

If you are worried about abuse please call 0300 1236720 for safeguarding children concerns or 0300 1236721 for safeguarding adult concerns.