House meetings

We hold house meetings fortnightly. These are a great opportunity to get involved with how our refuges are run, discuss any concerns you have and get to know staff and other residents.

The house meetings are your chance to make a difference and you may put anything on the agenda which you feel is appropriate.

We don't discuss personal issues but we do discuss things like day trips out and ideas for improving the service.

It is also an opportunity for staff to pass on any information to you.

All residents are encouraged to attend house meetings, the day and time of which is displayed on the noticeboard.

Cooking sessions

We occasionally hold cooking sessions to show you how to create a meal on a budget. If you would like to join in then we buy all the ingredients and cook the meal together.


We regularly organise bingo and other entertainment so refer to the noticeboard for what's coming up. 


Once a month a questionnaire is given out at our meetings. We would appreciate that you find the time to complete this as it forms a very important basis for the development of our service.

We are committed to providing the kind of service that you want from us and we can only know what that is if you tell us.

You will be issued with a confidential envelope which is sent directly to our Supported Housing Manager at Sumner House and is not seen by staff that work with you on a day-to-day basis.

If you decide to leave us during your first week then there is a questionnaire in your room so that you can tell us why you don't want to live here.

You might not want to tell us face-to-face but by telling us in this questionnaire you could help us improve things for women who move in after you.