Our staff are always approachable and your health and wellbeing is our primary concern. If you need anything for your or your children then please speak just ask.


If you need a doctor whilst you are a resident with us then we will advise you as to which doctors are able to assist you and the location of the surgeries.

Health visitor

The health visitor will visit as and when needed. Please see a member of staff if you would like us to make an appointment. The health visitor will answer any queries or concerns you may have about your own or your child(ren)’s health.

They will carry out practical health and development checks for children aged 0-5yrs and can also provide information on smoking cessation and dietary advice.


If you are new to the area and require a solicitor to seek legal remedies, please ask staff who will advise you of solicitors in the area who specialise in law relating to domestic incidents.