If there is anything missing from your room and kitchen then please let us know.

You should find in your bedroom(s):

  • Enough beds made up for you and your children – there should be a protective cover on the mattress, a duvet, cover, sheet, two pillows and covers
  • Drawers and a wardrobe
  • A toilet roll
  • Enough toiletries for you and your children – such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, deodorant, hairbrush, and some form of sanitary protection. These are given to us as donations, so sometimes they vary from room to room. If you have brought your own with you and you don’t need these, then please feel free to give them back to us
  • We have a supply of new underwear so if you need some, please ask
  • If you have a baby that needs nappies, wipes and other products then please ask. We have a small supply of these and we can let you have some until you can manage to buy your own.

After you have settled in, we ask that you buy your own things so that we can help new families who have moved in. If you are struggling, please come and talk to us and we can see how we can help.

In your kitchen you should find:

  • Enough crockery and cutlery for you and your family
  • At least three saucepans, a frying pan, a deep fat fryer, a large stirring spoon, a spatula, a sharp knife and a tin opener
  • A fridge (for your family’s use only)
  • A shared freezer
  • A table with enough chairs to seat you and all of your children
  • A washing up bowl
  • An iron and ironing board
  • A toaster and kettle
  • A microwave and a cooker
  • A dustpan and brush and broom
  • A mop and bucket.

There may be other things left in your kitchen – such as a cheese grater or a mixing bowl. These are things families have left when they have moved on.

We do not supply anything other than what appears on the list on the previous page so if you require something you will need to buy it.

When you first move in we may be able to provide you with some temporary items until you can buy your own.

We also might have a small supply of tins and jars of food and we have food vouchers that can be used at Morrisons (we do ask that you replace the food vouchers, once you have some money).

Over the years, we have been donated a lot of things that we are happy to either give out or to lend out.

We have a lot of knitting needles and some bags of wool. We have lots of books for either you to borrow or keep for you and your children. We have a Nintendo Wii that we lend out in the evenings if people want to play on it.

If you need something, please ask. If we have it then we are happy to pass it on, and if we don’t, we might know where to find it.