Fires are extremely dangerous so it is important to know how to prevent them and what to do if one breaks out.

Smoke alarms

We check your smoke alarms every three months. These are hard-wired and do not contain batteries so please do not tamper with them.

If you think that one might be broken then please let us know.


The most likely place for a fire to start is in the kitchen. Follow these tips to minimise the risk of a fire:

  • When you are cooking make sure that you do not leave the kitchen
  • Make sure that towels are away from open flames and the cooker
  • Keep your oven and grill clean as fat and bits of food can catch fire
  • Check you have turned everything off when you have finished cooking
  • Do not use a chip pan as they are very dangerous.

Electrical equipment

We test electrical equipment that we provide to make sure it is safe but it is important you know about the dangers of electricity:

  • If a wire or plug looks damaged then do not use it
  • If there are scorch marks around a plug on the wall then do not plug anything into it
  • Do not plug more than one thing into each socket
  • Switch off and unplug things when you are not using them
  • Make sure that wires are not tangled. When a wire is tangled and electricity is running through it the wire can get extremely hot and start a fire.

Other hazards

We would recommend that you do not use candles and do not smoke inside.

If you use an electric blanket or electric heater then turn it off when you leave the room or when you go to bed. 

What happens if there is a fire?

Get out and stay out.

If a fire alarm goes off or you see or smell a fire then you should get out safely as soon as possible.

Remember to stay calm and not to panic.

Do not try to put the fire out and do not grab any of your belongings on your way out.

If there is smoke then get down on your hands and knees where the air is clearer.

Once you are outside get a safe distance and ring 999.

Meet at the agreed meeting point so that people know if you are still in the building. It is important that you sign in and out so that people know whether you are in or not.

What if I can’t get out?

If a fire blocks your normal exit route from a building then try to find another way out.

Use the stairs and not a lift.

If there is no way out using a door then if you are on the ground or first floor then you can try escaping through a window.

If you can you should drop something soft out of the window to land on like pillows or a duvet.

If you cannot get out through a door or window then you should find a room without any smoke in it and close the door.

Stay as low as possibler to avoid the smoke.

Put something like a towel or clothes behind the door to stop any smoke coming through the gap under the door.

If you have a mobile phone then ring 999.

Try to let people know you are there by shouting.

If your clothes catch fire remember to stop, drop and roll.