You can only stay at The Bridge or Parker House for a maximum of 18 months.

Every three months you and your support worker will do a review of your progress. 

How will you support me to move on?

When you are ready to move on you will join your support worker in completing a move on referral to Chorley Council. 

This means we will assist you with your Selectmove applications to help you find your own accommodation.

Once you have been offered a property from a Housing provider, staff will help you with the following:

  • Viewing the property
  • Advice on understanding your new tenancy agreement
  • Accessing furniture and household goods
  • Help in applying to Lancashire County Council's Care and Urgent Needs Support scheme
  • Help in applying for Housing Benefits
  • Accessing support in your new property.

What happens if I want to leave before planned?

If you decide to leave before a planned move on, you will need to give 28 days notice of termination of your tenancy agreement.

This means that you will need to inform staff who will complete a termination form with you. Before you leave we will need the following:

  • An inspection of your flat, to check the condition and to make sure all items supplied by us are in working order
  • Your new address
  • Any rent or service charge arrears
  • Return of property keys
  • Removal of all personal items.

When you leave you must take with you all personal items. Anything left in your flat will not be stored and will be removed and disposed of.