A support plan can help you to decide what your goals are, who will help you to achieve these and who to contact if you have any difficulties or need advice.

Every person that is accepted by the service works with his or her support worker to agree a support plan

You will also have formal meetings with your support worker on a weekly basis. This is your opportunity to discuss any concerns that you have about your progress or the support you are receiving at any of these meetings.

Do I have to have a support plan?

It is very important that you access support.

As well as being beneficial to you, Progress Housing Group receives funding from a Government Body called Supporting People. This funding pays for the support you will receive whilst living at The Bridge or Parker House. 

Supporting People monitor us to make sure that you are able to access and receive the correct support. If we do not provide support for our residents or we allow residents to live with us and not receive support, we will lose our funding.

What happens if I miss an appointment?

If you miss any of your support meetings without a good reason, staff will record this as a non-attendance. If you continue to miss appointments and do not have good reasons, staff will review your support needs.

In order to discuss your support needs you will be asked to attend a meeting with your support worker and the Head of Housing Support. You will be able to give any reason or information that may explain the reasons for not accessing support.

A decision will then be made, on what is considered the best outcome for you. If you have to leave The Bridge or Parker House, staff will work with you to try and secure alternative accommodation.

What is a risk assessment?

You will be allocated a support worker as soon as you move in. It is very important that the relationship between you and them is based on respect and trust for each other.

As part of this process we do a Risk Assessment. This is completed by you and your support worker and will highlight any area of concern to either party. You are encouraged to talk about any risks and what can be done to manage those risks. We will also update your risk assessment if the risk decreases or increases.

If there is any risk to staff by you such as threatening behaviour, verbal or physical abuse an action plan will be put into place to protect staff, this may affect you receiving support and legal action taken to prevent the risk. You also could lose your flat.