We are committed to providing an aids and adaptations service to meet the needs of people with disabilities and to help them maintain their independence.

There are two types of adaptations available depending on the tenant’s needs.

Minor aids and adaptations

Minor aids and adaptations are relatively small items such as:

  • Grab rails
  • Bannisters
  • Lever taps
  • Raised sockets
  • Intercoms.

We will fund minor aids and adaptations with an estimated cost of less than £1,000, subject to budget availability.

Major aids and adaptations

Major adaptations include:

  • Level access showers
  • Stairlifts
  • Wheelchair ramps.

These usually cost over £1,000 and often require alterations to the structure of the property. An occupational therapist will need to undertake a home assessment to determine whether or not a major adaptation is required.

You or someone on your behalf can request an aid or adaptation by contacting us or calling 0333 320 4555. If your request is successful, we will keep you informed of timescales for completion of the works.

If your property is unsuitable for an adaptation, then we will discuss with you what alternatives are available.

To find out more please refer to our aids and adaptations leaflet.