Damp can cause damage to your home, damage to your furniture and clothes, as well as making some health problems worse.

There are three main causes of damp:

  • Condensation causes damp areas by soaking into absorbent surfaces like wallpaper and paint. These damp areas often generate mould, the most commonly reported issue in homes.

  • Common property defects from external fabrics to internal pipework can allow water or cold air to penetrate your home. Let us know if you have a leak or other defect in your home.

  • Rising damp is uncommon and is caused by water rising from the ground. Our homes have damp-proof materials that stop this from happening.

Dealing with condensation and mould

Cooking, running taps, and even breathing produces water vapour, when this meets cold surfaces it condenses into water droplets.

There are a number of ways to help stop the build-up of moisture in your home:

  • Use your home's ventilation system when showering of cooking (usually extractor fans in the bathroom and kitchen). If these are not in good working order, let us know

  • Make sure air bricks or vents are not blocked. If you think that your airbrick or vent is allowing in cold air, please contact us 

  • Shut internal doors when cooking, showering or washing up, also when using your heating system

  • Use lids on pans when cooking

  • Wipe down any condensation on your window using a tissue and dispose down your toilet

  • Dry clothes outside, or on a clothes horse in a well ventilated room if you can’t

  • Air rooms regularly, especially in the morning

  • Try to keep your home warm at a minimum of 16 degrees. At this time of high fuel costs we appreciate this is not so easy to do. Read about ways to cut your fuel bills

  • Check your radiators and ensure they are consistently warm from top to bottom. Bleeding your radiators can make your home warmer and reduce the cost of your energy bills by removing air pockets. Watch our video on keeping your radiators in tip top shape

Dealing with black mould and damp

If you have concerns about damp or mould, contact us by live chat or call us on 0333 320 4555. 

We have a dedicated team of damp experts who will attend your home to assess the affected areas and the property as a whole. 

Watch the energy saving trust's video on managing condensation



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Last reviewed: 131222