Even the most friendly and loveable dog can be a danger to our colleagues; particularly for those who are working inside your home like our repairs operatives and housing officers.

Dogs will protect you and your family and may become unpredictable when a stranger is in your home. Please help us to carry out any visit to your home safely by keeping your dog secure and out of the way while we carry out any work.

We have a duty to ensure our colleagues can work safely and even though we take care when working in your home, this year alone, three of our repair operatives have been bitten, so we need your help.

Please make sure your dog is placed in a secure location, even when opening the door to our repair operatives or housing officers and keep them in a safe and secure location until we leave.

We take the safety of our colleagues very seriously and may even consider prosecution if any of our colleagues are injured. This is a last resort though and we’d prefer to work with our customers to ensure we keep our colleagues safe.

Help us to help you by working together to keep our colleagues safe when working in your homes.

All pet owners have a duty of care towards their pets, and they must ensure that they do not cause a nuisance to neighbours or the community.

As a responsible dog owner, please limit the noise that your pets make and ensure that they have enough space and exercise. Ensure they are well cared for and that you clean up after them. Please ensure that they are on a lead at all times outside your home. Not all properties are suitable for pets, and you will need to obtain written permission from us before you get one. If you find a stray dog, contact your local council.