Please get in touch with us before you consider a disrepair claim so that we support you to resolve any outstanding repair issues.

If you wish to bring a housing disrepair claim against us, please be assured that we will deal with it professionally and in accordance with the requirements of the Pre-Action Protocol for Housing Conditions Claims (England).

You can report a repair issue online or check the status of something you've already reported.

You can also contact us on 0333 320 4555 - lines are open between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, and outside of these times for emergencies.

Cold callers

We have recently become aware of several disrepair claims management companies who are cold calling at our tenants’ homes and misrepresenting themselves as employees of Progress Housing Group.
The cold callers:

  • Ask about any repair issues in your home.
  • Encourage you to sign a form that they suggest will speed up the repairs and require us to pay you compensation.

Claims management firms are known to directly target tenants and often mislead them with promises of large and unrealistic awards of compensation 

We are extremely concerned that these firms are misleading our tenants by pretending to be working for us or acting on our behalf.

They may not explain to you in in detail what you are being asked to sign. They may also refer to a “no win no fee” or a “contingent fee arrangement.”

Do you know what you are signing?
By signing the form presented by these companies, you agree to:

  • Start a formal legal claim against your landlord, Progress Housing Association Limited.
  • Share your personal information, including records of your tenancy and rent payment history, with law firms.

We are seeing a rise in claims like these by tenants who are unaware of the implications of what they have signed and have not received information to explain that they are starting a formal legal claim.

When we receive a claim for housing disrepair:

  • We are required to open a new case and treat it as a genuine claim.
  • We are also required to follow the procedures set out in the Pre-Action Protocol for Housing Conditions Claims (England).

Whilst we do not wish to discourage anyone from bringing a genuine disrepair claim, our primary concern is that you are aware of the commitment you are making by signing an authorisation to start a legal action.

What should you do?

If you receive a cold call that has not been pre-arranged by Progress Housing Group:

  • Stop and think: Have we made an appointment with you? We would never turn up to your home without a pre-arranged appointment.
  • Double-check ID before you let someone into your home.
  • Are they who they say they are? It’s okay to close the door. Only criminals or fraudsters will try to rush or panic you.
  • Contact us immediately if you think you’ve been targeted or you have any concerns.
  • Call the police if you feel scared or threatened.
  • Talk to us before you sign any documents.


If you wish to report your own experiences or have any outstanding repairs issues, please contact us on 0333 320 4555, email or by live chat at

Damp and mould

We know it can be worrying if you are experiencing problems with damp, mould or condensation in your home.

Click here if you are concerned about damp and mould in your home.