We want you to make your home your own but we need to make sure that any changes you are planning to make will be safe and suitable for possible future tenants.

If you wish to make improvements to your home – other than decorating or changing the carpet - you will need permission from us first.

Examples of improvements where you will need to get permission are:

  • Installing a shower
  • Updating kitchen cabinets
  • Changing light switches
  • Building a shed.

You will also need permission from us if you intend to fit fixed flooring – hardwood or laminate, vinyl and ceramic or porcelain tiles.

We will always try to grant you permission but there are certain times when we may have to refuse; usually this is because the improvement is unsuitable or would devalue the property.

Other reasons include improvements that are: 

  • Not in keeping with the rest of the property
  • Dangerous and likely to cause structural damage
  • Likely to lead to difficulties with future lettings
  • Unsuitable for possible future tenants. 

If you have been refused permission, we will discuss the reason with you and offer you advice on suitable alternatives.

If you choose to fit a carpet in your new home you will be responsible for making sure the internal doors open and close properly over the new carpet. Laminate floors are not suitable in some properties because they cause a noise nuisance to neighbours.

We’ve launched a new scheme to help you fund certain improvements if you have been struggling to pay for them yourself.

We will contribute half of the cost of the works for eligible tenants. Improvements covered under the scheme are:

  • Installing an electric shower over the bath
  • Fitting extra lighting or plug sockets
  • Fitting additional kitchen cupboard space
  • Fencing.

Certain criteria apply so please check to see if you are eligible or contact us.

There is a right to compensation scheme for those tenants who have carried out certain types of improvements to their home and are ending their tenancy. If you have made changes to your home and are moving on then please contact us to see if you are due any compensation.

For minor works please complete the form immediately below.

For larger improvements please complete the form located at the bottom of this page.

For information about what we do with your personal data, please read our data protection statement (opens in new window).

Permission for minor works

Permission to make major improvements to your property