Take a look at our before and after pictures taken during a recent walkabout in St Annes.

Whilst on walkabout on Derwent and Kilner Avenue in St Annes, local tenants told us about some issues they were having with bin bags. 

They have a weekly collection of bin bags from the local council. However, the bags were a magnet for seagulls and vermin, and tenants would regularly find the bags ripped open and their contents strewn over a wide area. 

This was causing health hazard and making the area look dirty. 

Our team arranged for wooden bin stores to be erected and for wheelie bins to be delivered.  This has transformed the area and immediately resolved the issues of nuisance animals.  

The banner image above shows the area before, with litter strewn all over the grass.

The image below shows the area now tidied up.

Kilner Ave St Annes After Listing


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