House BlueAsbestos is a material that they used as a building material in houses until they found out it could be dangerous.

What does asbestos do?

Breathe GreenAsbestos does not hurt you unless it is damaged and bits of it go into the air and you breathe it in.

If you breathe it in it can cause breathing problems and can be dangerous.

How do we make asbestos safe?

We carry out checks to see if your home has any asbestos in it.

If it does then we will make sure it is safe.

Letter PinkWe might send you a letter asking if we can come into your house so we can check for asbestos.

Never carry out a repair yourself.

If you report repairs to us or to your supported housing officer then you should not come into contact with asbestos.

You can report a repair by clicking here.

To find out more, please read our Asbestos advice leaflet or our asbestos management plan.