What if I have damp?

Damp Patch BlueIf you have damp then you might notice wet patches on your walls.

This will look like a darker patch on your wallpaper or paint and might feel wet when you touch it.

You might also get dark marks appearing on your walls which look like mould.

Nose GreenIf your rooms smell musty or stale then you might also have damp.

If you think that you have damp then please report a repair to us or speak to your supported living officer.

Repair PinkYou can report a repair by clicking here.



Bath Green

All air contains small amounts of water, warm air holds more than cold air. More moisture in the air can lead to condensation.

If your home has condensation then it can damage the building and it can make any breathing problems like asthma worse.

How can I stop condensation?

Window PinkStopping condensation is easy if you stick to a few simple rules.

When you are cooking or washing up or having a shower make sure you close the door to other rooms and open a window.

Open windows when it is not too cold to let fresh air in.

Pan YellowUse lids on pans when you are cooking.

Wipe down your window sills as water collects on your windows. This is called condensation.

If you do not have a dryer for drying your clothes then try to dry them outside on a washing line and not on your radiators.