For most of the homes that we own we collect a small charge in the rent that lets us make small adaptations or improvements to your home if it would make it easier or safer for you to live in it.

What type of work might be done?

Wheelchair Icon Blue

Here are some examples of work that may be carried out but this list does not include everything. We might:

  • Fit handrails
  • Fit a wheelchair ramp
  • Make steps shallower
  • Widen a doorwayBath Yellow
  • Install an intercom
  • Change a bathroom to make it easier to use

Will it cost me any money?

The rent charges that we collect are added together for all the homes that we own so that when someone needs work carrying out we should have the money available.

If we kept the money separate for each address it would take a long time before enough money was collected to do work on that home.

Even so, we can only do work if:

  • Money GreenEnough money has been collected from all of our homes where a charge is being made
  • We have enough money for that year for everything that we have been asked to do

 Changes are needed to my home so what do I do next?

Telephone PinkContact your supported housing officer and ask for a form to tell us what work you think is needed.

As repairs often cost a lot of money we sometimes have to carry out an assessment of your home before agreeing to do the work.

We may also require a report from your occupational therapist to ensure that any changes we make fully meet your needs.

To find out more about aids and adaptations please read our leaflet or speak to your supported housing officer.

To apply for an aid or adaptation please download and complete the minor aids and adaptation application form.

Once completed, please mail it to:

Supported Living, Progress Housing Group, Sumner House, King Street, Leyland, Lancashire, PR25 2LW.

Alternatively, please email it to: