Tree GreenYour total rent also includes charges for services that are provided in addition to your property. One of these charges is for environmental improvements.

We collect money for these improvements for most of the properties we own.

Is my home included in this scheme?

Money BlueYour supported housing officer can tell you if you pay an environmental improvement charge in your rent.

They will check the rent schedule for your tenancy.

What type of work might be done?

Here are some examples of work that might be carried out. This list does not include everything:

  • Removal of a tree that may be causing problems or might be dangerousWheelchair Icon Yellow
  • Moving a bin store to a different place
  • Small garden landscaping projects
  • Improving garden access for wheelchair users
  • Providing security lighting to keep you and your home safe.

Changes are needed to my home, what do I do next?

Telephone GreenContact your supported housing officer and tell them what work is needed.

How quickly will you tell me if the work can go ahead?

We aim to tell you if work can go ahead within six weeks of receiving a request from you.

How quickly will the work be done?

Letter BlueIf your request is approved we will send you a letter telling you who will be carrying out the work.

It will also tell you the date that they should contact you by to arrange with you when they will be coming to do the work.

Calendar PinkAll environmental improvement jobs should be completed within 30 working days of us arranging for the work to begin.

Find out more about improving the outside of your home.

Find out more about area and community standards.

Alternatively please contact us or speak to your supported housing officer.