We will always:

  • Treat all complaints of anti-social behaviour seriously
  • Treat what you tell us with confidence, unless you say otherwise
  • Listen to what you tell us and offer you advice
  • Work with your support worker and others who can help sort the problem out, like the Police or Social Services
  • Ask you to keep notes about any incidents that happen.

We will tell you within 24 hours of receiving your complaint:

  • Who will be dealing with your complaint
  • What we are going to do to stop the problem
  • How quickly we will take this action
  • Anything we want you, or your support worker, to do.

Look At GreenWhat else can we do?

We will look into your complaint and gather more information together as quickly as possible.

We will then discuss with you the best way to deal with the problem.

We might:

Knock Door PinkVisit the person causing the problem

We will only visit the person causing the problem if you tell us that you are happy for us to do so.

Police BlueWork with other groups

We will work with others, such as your support worker, the Police, Social Services or other landlords to try to sort the problem out.

If you have been threatened or attacked then the Police may be able to take action.

Agree YellowArrange for you to talk to a mediator

Sometimes problems between two people can be sorted out by talking to a person who is trained to help.

A mediator listens to what both people have to say and helps them to find an answer to the problem. 

Shake Hands GreenDraw up an acceptable behaviour contract

This is an agreement where the person causing the problem agrees to stop their behaviour.

Gavel PinkGet an Injunction Order

An Injunction Order is a legal instruction that tells the person frightening you to stop their behaviour. 

The Order may tell them not to come near you, or your home. 

Point Finger BlueApply for an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO)

This is a court order that tells someone to stop behaving in a way that upsets other people.

Judge YellowTry to evict a tenant

If the person who is causing a nuisance is a tenant then their behaviour will mean that they have broken the rules of their tenancy. 

We may ask a court of law if we can evict them from their home.