Anti-social behaviour (ASB) and hate crimes

Sad Face GreenAnti-social behaviour is when one of your neighbours or their visitors is annoying you, upsetting you or frightening you.

A hate crime is when someone bullies you because of who you are.

It is your right to be able to live in your home in peace.

If somebody is stopping you from living in peace then we want to know so that we can help.

What is anti-social behaviour (ASB)?

Examples of anti-social behaviour are:

  • Criminal activity like using or selling drugs
  • Loud noises especially late at night
  • Damage to property like graffiti
  • Saying or doing something nasty to someone
  • Nuisance from pets
  • Domestic abuse or violence from someone living with you.

What should I do if I am upset by anti-social behaviour?

Talk PinkIf you think it is safe then you should try talking to the person who is upsetting you.

They might not know that they are making you unhappy and by politely speaking to them you might be able to sort the problem out. You might want to ask your supported living housing officer to help you do this.

Sometimes it is not possible to sort out problems just by talking or you might be too frightened to talk to someone.

Please click here to tell us if somebody is upsetting or frightening you or talk to your supported living housing officer.

What is a hate crime?

Racial Bullying

A hate crime is a crime that the victim (or someone else) thinks happened because of the victim’s:

      • Age
      • Disability
      • Gender
      • Marriage or civil partnership status
      • Pregnancy or maternity status
      • Race
      • Religion or belief
      • Sexual orientation.

If you think somebody is bullying you because of one of these things then you should report it to us straight away. 

Please click here to find out more about hate crimes.

Mate crimes

Some people take advantage of individuals with a learning disability for their own gain.

Friend YellowThis sort of bullying often takes the form of somebody making friends with you so that you give them money or so that they can take things from you. 

Please click here for more information. 

What can we do to help?

Police BlueWe will always treat your complaint seriously and not tell anybody that you have made the complaint if you do not want us to do.

If the situation is bad then we will work with other people like the police to resolve the situation.

Click here to find out how we will help you.

How can I be a good neighbour?

House GreenIt is also other people’s rights to live in their home in peace so it is your responsibility not to annoy, upset or bully your neighbours.

This way you can build a healthy community that is a great place to live.

Click here to find out how you can be a good neighbour.