If you are nice to people and are a good neighbour then your neighbours will probably be nice to you.

There are some simple ways to try to get along with your neighbours:

Wave GreenSay hello

Be friendly with your neighbours and say hello to them when you see them.

If there are problems, always be polite when you talk to them about the matter.

Cat PinkBe a good pet owner

If you have a pet then make sure that it does not make too much noise.

You must clear up after your pet and make sure that it does not cause any damage.

Some of our properties are not suitable for pets. You must always ask for our permission before getting a pet.

Guitar BlueBe considerate towards others

You must keep the areas outside your home tidy and free from rubbish.

Remember that your noise can upset other people, so do not have your TV or any music turned up loud particularly after 9pm. 

If you have visitors at your home ask them to be quiet when they leave.

Friends YellowGet involved

If you want to get to know your neighbours better then maybe you could get involved in the community.

Perhaps you could attend a community event or go to meetings that decide how the community is run.