There are some simple things that you can do to keep your home safe and secure.

Be safe

  • Locate the water stopcock so you know how to turn off the water supply in the event of a burst pipe or leakStopcock Blue
  • Find out where your gas and electric meters are located and learn how to turn the power or gas supply off in an emergency
  • Find your fuse box and learn how to re-set the switches if you need toTorch Pink
  • Keep a torch near your electricity meter or fuse box in case of power cuts

Keep your home secure

Green Key

  • Keep your doors locked even when you are in the house or garden
  • Get to know your neighbours or even better; set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in your  community
  • Report suspicious activity to the police by calling 999Telephone Yellow
  • Don’t leave valuables in public view or near windows or doors
  • Don’t let anyone into your home without checking for identification