Make a payment online


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It is easy and convenient to pay your rent and service charges safely and securely online.

You don't need to sign up for a tenant account or log in to make a payment; all you need is a reference number.

For rent payments, your reference number is your tenancy number which is on your rent statement. For all other payments, please use the number referred to on the invoice or in our correspondence.

  • Rent and/or Service Charge payments – nine digit tenancy code beginning with a four or five
  • Sundry payments – 8 digit customer code, for example 12/000000

If you do not have a reference number please contact Progress Connect on 03333 204555 (telephone lines are open between 8am and 6pm).



Debit Credit Card Green
Direct Debit 

This is the easiest way to pay your rent. Payments can be made straight from your building society or bank account. 

We can only take an agreed amount from your account and we will tell you first if we need to change the amount.

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You can phone us on 03333 204555 to pay your rent or charges using a debit or credit card. 

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Direct Housing Benefit payments

Housing Benefit is money you may get from your local council to help you pay your rent.  It can be paid straight to us as your landlord. 

If you do not receive full Housing Benefit you will still have to pay all or some of your rent by one of the other payment methods.

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Universal Credit

If you move on to Universal Credit, please make sure that you make it clear on your Universal Credit application form that you live in supported housing. This will mean that your housing costs will still be met by the local authority through Housing Benefit and not through Universal Credit.


When do I pay rent?

Calendar PinkYour rent should be paid every Monday. You can choose to pay every four weeks but you must pay four weeks in advance.

Remember that it is up to you to pay your rent on time.

Checking your rent balance and recent transactions

Letter GreenWe will send you a rent statement at least once a year. This will tell you what rent you should have paid and if you have paid it.

You can also check your rent balance by:

  • Talking to your Supported Housing Officer
  • Contacting us on 0345 2416041
  • Registering for your online tenant account by clicking here.

Problems paying your rent

Iou BlueMoney you owe to your landlord is called arrears. If you do not pay your rent you will go into arrears. 

If you are finding it hard to pay your rent then please let us know. We can help you to stop things getting more serious. Click here to find out more.

Any other rent questions?

Telephone YellowIf you want to know more about paying your rent then we have a leaflet that contains a lot more information.

If you still have any questions then you could ask your supported housing officer or contact us on 0345 241 6041.

Please help us to save on processing fees so we can invest any savings back into our homes.

By choosing the cheapest method you can help us to save more money which we can invest more in your home and community.

Payment method


Direct Debit

10p per transaction

Debit Card

0.35% or 0.47% (depending on card type)

Credit Card

2.08% - 3.02% (depending on card type)

Swipe card at Post Office


Swipe card at Paypoint


Standing Order