Morgan Sindall aim to complete repairs within three target times:

  • Emergency repairs - make safe within 24 hours
  • Urgent repairs - complete within five working days
  • Non-urgent repairs - complete within 28 days

Here are some examples of the type of repairs within each target group:

Emergency repairs - make safe within 24 hours

These repairs could be a life-threatening danger or could cause serious damage to the property.

An example of an emergency repair is:

  • If there is no electricity
  • If there is no heating
  • If there is no hot water
  • If there is a leak or burst pipe
  • If the property is not secure
  • If the only toilet in the property is blocked

Remember - If you have a gas leak then you should report this to the National Grid as quickly as possible on 0800 111 999 and also to Morgan Sindall Property Services on 0345 241 6041.

Urgent repairs - complete within five working days

An urgent repair is something that causes you a great deal of discomfort or inconvenience.

An example of an urgent repair is:

  • any work needed following an emergency repair
  • if drains are blocked or leaking
  • if the toilet is blocked or not flushing
  • if the sink or bath is blocked
  • if there is a leak from the water or heating pipes, tank or cistern
  • the property's roof is leaking
  • the propery's gutters and overflow pipe is leaking.

Non-urgent repairs - complete within 28 working days

Non-urgent or routine repairs are repairs that can wait a short time before being dealt with. An example of a non-urgent repair is:

  • if doors or windows are sticking 
  • if plaster or brickwork needs repairing
  • kitchen unit repairs
  • extractor fan repairs.

What should I do if a repair is not completed within the priority time?

You will be told the target priority time that a repair should be completed in at the time the repair is reported.

However, if Morgan Sindall needs to get the problem inspected before they can order the repair works then they will not be able to tell you the priority time until the inspection has been carried out and the work needed has been clarified.

If a repair has not been completed within this prioty time (and the reason for this has not been discussed with you (for example; a part is on order and they are waiting for it to arrive) then you should phone Morgan Sindall on 0345 241 6041 and discuss the situation further.