Repair Man PinkWe have to plan ahead to keep some parts of your home in good repair so that your home is safe and a nice place to live.  This is called planned maintenance.

There are two types of planned maintenance:

  1. Work that needs doing every year
  2. Big items that need to be replaced every so often

Examples of work that need to be carried out every year are:

  • FireplaceServicing any gas central heating or boiler in your home
  • Checking any movable electrical appliances that we are responsible for, like the fridge or electric cooker

We also have to plan in advance to renew big items in your home. Sometimes we will:

  • Bath GreenReplace all the kitchen units
  • Rewire the electrics
  • Replace or improve bathrooms
  • Replace windows

We will write to you to let you know before the work will start so that we can help you with any special arrangements you might need while the job is being done.

Gas servicing

Morgan Sindall is responsible for annually servicing all gas central heating boilers that have been provided in our properties.

Your co-operation is required to give Morgan Sindall access to the property. This is essential as inspection is a legal requirement to make sure everything is safe and in proper working order.

If you do not allow Morgan Sindall access or appointments made are not kept then Progress Housing Group will have to take legal action under the terms of the tenancy agreement in order to gain access to the property.

Continued failure to allow Morgan Sindall access to a property could potentially result in a tenant losing their home if a court possession order has to be sought. This may sound like drastic action but our staff could be prosecuted and sent to prison if we fail to do a gas service in all of our properties each year.